Board of Directors

Justin Berger, Esq.

Board Co-President


Justin established Berger Law, LLC to serve those endeavoring to make a difference in the world — whether through a business or a nonprofit — who need assistance navigating the legal terrain in which they operate. Justin relies on his experience as counsel for business and nonprofit entities, work on voter protection efforts, and time spent as director of operations for a statewide political campaign, to counsel clients starting out, and those needing assistance with ongoing operations and compliance. Justin is licensed to practice law in Georgia. He received his Juris Doctor from American University Washington College of Law and his bachelor’s degree in communications from Elon University.
He is an avid fan of motorsports, and stands firmly in the camp that believes the “egg came before the chicken.”

Jaumeiko Coleman

Board Co-President

Dr. Jaumeiko Coleman is the Director of Clinical Services in the Clinic at the Atlanta Speech School. She is a published author of peer-reviewed journal articles and practice toolsDr. Coleman’s career focus on spoken language and literacy has been infused in all of her previous work positions which include school-based speech-language pathologist, assistant professor, public school administrator, and Director of School Services at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She is a board member of Learning Disabilities Association of Georgia and America.


Angel North

Vice President


Robin Blankenhorn




IMG_0699Joan K. Teach, Ph.D.


Joan is a 50-year veteran working with those with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorders. She is the former Director of Lullwater School and currently the Director of the Community Resource Center that provides the Georgia Area a support system for attention and learning disabilities. She facilitates monthly support groups for parents, adults and women with LD/ADHD. She has designed numerous workshops including Know Your Child, and Mindfulness as a Strategic Approach. She designs Parent Programs helping them to be strong parent advocates. She feels the biggest gift coming from these groups is the wealth of what she has learned from others.

Dr. Teach has an earned doctorate from Georgia State University, a MS from Purdue and a BS from Wittenberg, has published in the field of learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders as well as for the interactive learning community. As an ADHD adult, raising a family of four with four grandchildren she shares her experiences through a lifetime.


Dena Kitchens

Website Coordinator

Dena Kitchens graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelors in Special Education and has worked for many years in the areas of Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Music and Arts Education and Christian Education. In all settings, Dena has found herself to be passionate about the children in her class whose needs are different than other children, often asking for particular students who had been struggling in other classes.

When LDA GA  received a grant from the Learning Disabilities Foundation, Dena was instrumental in helping to develop the KNOW YOUR CHILD curriculum.  She assisted in developing an understanding of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and was helpful in presenting parents the needed aspect of understand their child’s many ways of learning and their abundant strengths .  She wrote an article for Kids Enabled that outlined the multiple intelligence aspects in learning.

Currently, Dena is pursuing her call in Christian Education, and graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary with a Masters of Practical Theology. Her dream is to develop curriculum to reach all learners, especially those that do not fit the cookie cutter mold.                                      

N’Kyna Herring

Preschool Advisor


Kyna is an early childhood teacher with 20 years experience. She has been at Brookhaven Child Development Center for over 7 years.




Denise Elizabeth Harrison

Outreach Coordinator

Denise Harrison brings to us a background in finance and accounting. She is a financial Management CEM –HQ AFRC and lives in the Warner Robins/Macon area. She has an earned doctorate in Psychology that she earned as an outgrowth of her interest in serving the variation of disabilities in our communities. Her focus is on furthering her understand and in serving the LD community.

Denise’s strong understanding of working boards comes from the years she has served both in the military and in other board positions. This gives her a foundation in using operational, tactical and strategic points of view giving her a much broader perspective. Her research study with adults and her work with the Macon Regional Youth Detention Center gave her a quest to find preventative as well as remedial support for our young adults. She is also interested in bringing knowledge of learning disabilities and what can be provided to our lower income families. Please welcome Denise with her many talents.

Carolyn Kingsley

Healthy Child Project

Jordan Ashley Greene

Student Representative


Charell Coleman


Charell G. Coleman is CEO/Founder of Lead & Ink, LLC. a business that promotes Literacy and Trauma Resiliency as a means of empowerment in communities. Our mission is to help parents, children, and all community stakeholders learn resiliency, wellness skills, and strategies to help individuals and families practice wellness in a natural manner. The hope is to lessen the effects of stereotypical threats, racism, and misconceptions about different ethnic groups while empowering minority groups to become better equipped to compete in society with confidence and a feeling of worthiness.


The Brown Girl Resilience Book Collection, authored by Coleman, was created to provide diversity within books to allow students of minority ethnic groups to experience the beauty of their authentic selves within book text! This collection includes children’s books, journals, activities, and coloring books. This series includes fictional and non-fictional historical and present-day characters who have exemplified great stories of adversity and resilience. We carry out our mission by helping authors self-publish their stories, providing content, workshops, and courses that teach wellness in a meaningful and practical way.


Charell G. Coleman has been in education for 20-plus years. She has been an Elementary and Middle School educator, lead a plethora of committees and clubs throughout the years. As a Facilitator of Social Emotional Learning at Mount Holyoke College, she teaches educators wellness skills in the Massachusetts School District. As a passionate educator and author, you will find she has been featured on various podcasts, social media platforms, and national and international speaking platforms as an authority on Reading, Executive Functioning, Resilience & Wellness Skills. She serves her community individually and through her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Incorporated when she isn’t spending time with her husband and two teen children, reading, or experiencing new adventures.