Signs of Learning Disabilities

Kindergarten to fourth grade:

  • Has difficulty reading (unable to make connecting between letters and sound, confuses simple words)
  • Consistently makes spelling errors, reverses, inverts letters and numbers
  • Reads very slowly and not smoothly
  • Confuses math signs
  • Difficulty remembering math facts
  • Grasp of pencil is not typical or is difficult (tired or sore hand)
  • Difficulty learning time
  • Poor coordination

Fifth grade to eight grades:

  • Does not like to read out loud
  • Reading is slow and choppy
  • Poor handwriting
  • Poor ability to keep and make friends
  • Low self-esteem
  • I.Q. scores not reflected on report card
  • Unorganized with school work
  • Slow to grasp concepts

High school

  • Avoids reading and writing
  • Avoids homework
  • Below grade level reader
  • Spelling below grade level
  • Unable to comprehend instructions or understand written questions
  • Unable to keep up with school work, even at lowest ability level for grade
  • Difficultly recalling test answers, despite studying them the day prior
  • Frustrated with school